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You’re new to Saigon. You are looking for a reliable used scooter or second hand motorbike but afraid of motorbike sellers’ frauds and scams? Then hiring a motorbike pre-purchase Inspection Service in Sai Gon can be a smart option to consider.
Buying the second hand motorbike can be a lot of hassles for first-time buyer: how to inspect the engine, how ownership transfer works, etc. Therefore, this article will guide you 2 things: 1) the common frauds of used motorbike sellers in Vietnam to exploit you, and 2) tips how to completely avoid them and buy your dream motorbikes.
Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry to hire a professional used Vehicles Inspection Service, you can request a service consultation with us – KENSA via Hotline / Zalo 0901.8171.29. We can chat in English

1) The common frauds of used motorbike sellers in Vietnam to exploit you

Purchasing a used motorbike can save you a lot of money, if compared to buying a new one. In Sai Gon, there are million of motorbikes, so you also have million of choices for a good used motorbikes.
But since used motorbike is a gray zone, or underground market; you might face a lot of surprises. Moreover you are foreigners in Sai Gon, you are more likely to be cheated by bad sellers. Of course, mot all used motorbike sellers are bad. But you have to have good eyes to screen out the bad guys.
Don’t buy a lemon

Fraud tactic number 1: Using very cheap motorbike as a bait

Naturally we people will fall into anything Free, or cheap.
Especially with used motorbike, we want to seize every single chance to get the cheapest deals.
This is a normal behavior, and scam sellers are very good at exploiting this.
They will show you dirt cheap motorbike with sur-real listings perfect condition and legality.
Scenario #1: when you arrive at seller’s place, you will be surprised:
– “sorry, that one was just sold out, we have other options (but a bit higher price)”
– the reality is beyond belief, it’s far different from the pictures (with a lot of camera filter effects)
Scenario #2: even worse, seller will ask you to pay a small deposit (bank transfer), to secure the motorbike, since you don’t want to miss this chance, and you don’t want other buyers to take it before you. Right after you pay deposit, seller will disappear.
Tips: never pay any deposit money, until you see the motorbike

Fraud tactic number 2: Shiny covers to hide the rotten insides

More importantly, pro-sellers know that newbie buyers will be amazed by the shiny plastics, rather than looking at insider parts.
Thus, they will focus all their talents into shining the outside of the vehicles.
Used motorbike sellers are great artists in refurbishing the motorbikes. They can turn a 10 years faded paint plastic into a brand new plastic, within 10 minutes.
Results: you, the newbie, will be amazed “OMG, this is perfect condition; plus it is so cheap; take my money!”
Hold on, you haven’t checked the inside of the vehicle (the most important and also most expensive parts are placed inside)
– the engine (cost 50-60% value of the vehicle)
– the clutch (it gives you a smooth acceleration and gear shifting)
– the frame (stable or shaking)
– the fuel injection system (it affects your gasoline expenses)
– the tires, the brakes (remember: safety first)

Fraud tactic number 3: Fake paperwork

Every motorbike must have an ID card. And every buy/sell transaction must be legalized, before you can ride on the motorbikes.
However, a lot of underground motorbike get stolen and re-sell. In this case, a scam seller will make a fake paperwork, fake ID to scam the buyers.
A fake paperwork will put you in so much trouble.
  1. You can’t sell it legally
  2. You will be stopped by a policeman with a fine ticket of $25-50 USD; even worse, you face a risk of getting your bike seized.
And most painfully, you bought an expensive motorbikes with a fake paperwork.
Later, when you resell it, you will be shocked at the price.
  • Usually, an illegal motorbike is sold at only 30-40% of a legal one.
  • For example: a 2018 Honda Airblade (the most popular scooter model in Vietnam) legal one sells at 1500usd. But an illegal is traded at $600 USD.
  • Guess who is the buyer of such vehicle? Yes, they are the scam motorbike trader.
cavet-gia (5)
Picture: We help a customer spotting out a Fake motorbike id. Can you tell if they’re fake or real?

Fraud tactic number 4: Hidden as innocent private seller

Some people prefer purchasing from a private seller, rather than a pro-shop; believing that private seller takes care of motorbike better, and they are not cheating.
Understand this psychology, the scam seller can play the role of a private seller.
What he will say in the listing is “I have a cheap motorbike for sale, since I’m moving out of town. Please come see the bike at my house”
Result: you will naturally lose your defense and suspecting attitudes toward the seller.

2) Tips to avoid scams in purchasing used motorbike in HCM City

Tip 1: avoid surprisingly cheap vehicles

Remember: Cheap vehicle means trouble-some future. You don’t want to wake up finding your vehicle won’t start and you’re gonna be late for important meetings. You don’t wanna spend time visiting workshops, where you will be scammed again.
Ask yourself: If that vehicle is really cheap and high quality, it will be gone within seconds. Why is it still here?

Tip 2: always check inside the motorbikes

We find this step-by-step guide article is really helpful. You can print-out and bring the checklist with you.
If you don’t know how to check, you can invite a friend to go with you. Else, you can also consult with a professional inspection service like our company KENSA, via Hotline / Zalo 0901.8171.29. We can assign a professional qualified technician to accompany with you to seller’s place and inspect the vehicles.

Tip 3: protect you from fake paperwork with notary office and paperwork check service

Always require seller to go to the notary office with you, to legalize the transaction.
If he denies, you should reconsider the deal, since you will face tons of risks.
(Note: there are many notary office nearby, simple google, or any ask local people. The notary fee for motorbike transaction is around 100.000vnd to 150.000vnd and will be paid by the seller. Don’t forget to bring you valid passport.

Or, you can validate the paperwork information online, before you visit the seller.

This will save you time and surprises at the seller’s place.
To validate the paperwork, you can use our KENSA online paperwork validation service.
Cách check gốc xe máy, tra cứu biển số xe ô tô
Result of online paperwork validation. Save you time and hassles.
The validation results (above picture) include:
1- License plate number
2 & 4- Owner’s name & address
3 Registered date
6- VIN number
7- Paint color & Engine size (cc)
8- Vehicle model
9- Year of manufacture
(Most important) 10- Legal status of bike: Valid / Stolen / Bank Collateral / Non-transacting assets.
To Get Started: simply send us the license plate number, to our Zalo 0901.8171.29.
We will return the validation result within 10 minutes.
Last by not least, visit every sellers with a well prepared status. Never come unprepared.
Learn about the vehicle market prices, the characteristic flaw/defects of that model.
Always come with a friend who can test the motorbike for you and understand how ownership switch process works.
If you need a professional pre purchase inspection service, KENSA is here to help you.

Motorbike Pre Purchase Inspection Service in Saigon | KENSA

Picture: KENSA helped our Philippine fellow to pre-purchase inspect the used Yamaha NVX 155cc

What does the pre purchase inspection service in HCM include?

  • A professional mechanic will be assigned to accompany with you to seller’s place (if you can’t come, we can conduct inspection and send you report with 24 hours)
  • Comprehensive 86 multiple-point inspection, covering
    • Engine & clutch performance test
    • Accident & flood test
    • Safety test
    • Test-drive
    • Paperwork validation
    • Fair market price appraisal
  • Issue inspection certificate
  • Guidance with paperwork (if you need)
  • English translation service (with extra fee)
  • 24/7 online support post-purchase
For more information, you can refer to
our fan page
our Youtube channel (sorry they are in Vietnamese, but still you can get the sense how it works)
To Get Started with service booking, please kindly PM / Zalo / Call our Hotline 0901.8171.29